Oklahoma! Slang

I recently saw a production of the musical Oklahoma! and realized that there are a lot of words in the script I didn't understand. :)

Here are a handful of those terms and their definitions:

1. Dutch Rub
An act of roughly rubbing one's knuckles across the top of another person's head with the intent of causing pain, often while pinning the other person's head with one's free arm. (ie. a "noogie")

2. Fascinator
A headpiece or hat, originally referring to a formal head covering made from wool, lace, feathers, flowers, and/or beads.
(from Forever 21)

3. Oh Foot!
The modern-day equivalent of "Crap!", etc. :)

4. Surrey
A horse-drawn, four-wheeled, two-seated carriage, with a canopy roof.

Please feel free to incorporate these into your daily speech!

"Oh, foot! I left my fascinator in the surrey. I could give you dutch rub for not reminding me to grab it!"

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