Closet Apartment

An out-of-work architect Sergio Santos was trying to find a cheap deal on a rental apartment. When even the bedroom of a house became too expensive, he asked to rent a walk-in closet in the house instead. Using his interior design skills, he turned the 5.5'-by-14' into a hip, comfortable living space:

"It's a legal rental. The landlord cut out a door so I'd have access to a kitchen and bathroom, which I share with three other tenants. I have a mini-fridge, a microwave, and a storage bin for dry goods. I made a loft for my bed, TV, and DVD player. My clothes hang on a metal rod.

I don't really get claustrophobic. I've learned to be comfortable in small places. If I keep the window open, I can just about see over the terrace and into the street. Next to my window is a bench—I call it my veranda. I've entertained as many as 11 people at my place. I can seat seven."

It's a pretty ingenious idea! He only pays $150/month in rent and word of his creativity has attracted new customers. Double win!


  1. I don't think he can pull that out in my closet no matter how ingenious he is.

  2. this would never work for a woman. where would you put all the shoes!?!