The "Bright" Side To Morning Sickness?

There's hope for nauseous mothers-to-be!

I heard on NPR's "Wait, Wait... Don't Tell Me" that a recent study concluded that mothers who experienced morning sickness during pregnancy gave birth to babies with higher IQs!

An article in the UK's Telegraph corroborates:

"The same hormones which make expectant mothers feel ill could help their baby's development, doctors believe.

Children were more likely to do better in intelligence tests if their mothers had experienced nausea and vomiting during pregnancy...

Scientists believe that the sickness could be a by-product of changes in the levels of certain hormones, known as HCG (human chronic gonadotropin) and thyroxine, during pregnancy.

These fluctuations help the body to ensure that a woman's placenta grows properly, delivering vital nutrients to her baby."

More research must be done to figure out exactly what's going on, but it's an encouraging start. Hang in there, sick moms, it may be well worth it!


  1. yes, quite.

    and as far as I know, my mother was not sick at all during her pregnancy with me. :)

  2. It's the first name that I am aware of this blog.

    Thanks for the post. However, I don't believe that. What are their base data for comparison? It's not like they can have two sets of parents with exact history and IQ and then compare the babies from one mom with the morning sickness and one without it.

    No more sickness!!!

  3. Oh, I meant to say "It's the first time ..."

  4. Sherry, what if they had twins but only half the morning sickness? Then that would be proof.

  5. Wiser Pregnancy conducted a scientific survey that found that most women try as many as four remedies for morning sickness, but 62% said that none of the remedies provided any kind of relief.