"Love" Is Against The Law?

In Roseville, Michigan, an artist named Ed Stross was almost sentenced to 30 days in jail for painting the word "love" on a mural outside of his studio. He was found guilty of violating a city ordinance that limits signage on certain buildings, but the Michigan Court of Appeals overturned the verdict last week.

Although Stross is not in the clear yet - Michigan's Court of Appeals does want another trial to look at the case again. Apparently there is a disagreement over the constitutionality of the ordinance.

All for "love"!

I actually spent some time reading over the City of Roseville's Sign Ordinance, and I didn't see anything that prohibited painting words on buildings, unless he painted "love" too large or in the wrong spot. Then again, I lost interest around Item 9 (of 17). If you want to try to find the specific rule, click on the link above and read Chapter 264.

I did learn that any signs with moving lights are not allowed in Roseville. That alone makes the city much less appealing for me! :)

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