Bald Eagles - Safe Again!

For as long as I can remember, our glorious national symbol and distinguished bird, the Bald Eagle, has been close to extinction. Not anymore! According to Reader's Digest:
Bald Eagle populations in the Lower 48 states have increased 25-fold since the 1960s, thanks to an array of federal protections. America's national bird was taken off the endangered species list in 2007 and joins the American alligator, the Yellowstone grizzly bear, and the peregrine falcon as species that have recovered thanks to conservation efforts.
Yes!!! Conservation efforts work! I am glad my kids and grandkids will likely see a Bald Eagle in person one day. :)

Live long and prosper, little eaglets!


  1. if you come visit me in WA, chances are you'll see a Bald Eagle yourself! Jason went fishing last summer & saw one swoop down and snatch a fish out of the lake!

  2. We should put the grizzly bear on the "overpopulated" list.