Happy Birthday Grape Nuts!

When I went to purchase my favorite cereal, Post's Grape-Nuts, I was pleasantly surprised with a vintage box and a little history of my morning staple. Grape-Nuts is celebrating its 112th birthday this year and is still in business!

Here are some fun facts about this crunchy treat:

-- It hit the shelves in 1897 and was one of the first ready-to-eat cereals on the market. Made from neither from grapes nor nuts, it got its name from the "grape sugar" Mr. Post believed was formed from the baking process and it's "nutty" taste.

-- Starting around 1920, Grape-Nuts became popular with explorers and even was included in World War II ration kits! It's ideal for travelers because it's high in nutrition, resistant to spoilage, and lightweight. Edmund Hillary took Grape-Nuts with him for energy when he traveled to the top of Mount Everest!

-- Grape-Nuts has gone through a variety of slogans, including but not limited to:

1910s-1930s: "There's A Reason"

"Mental Dullness usually comes from imperfectly nourished brains.
The man who thinks clearly and acts promptly wins money and position... The regular use of this world-famed food makes 'clear thinking' easy."

1950s: "For Goodness Sake, Get Post Grape-Nuts"
1950s: "Look For The Post Mark... For Happy Eating!"
Late 1960s: "Fills You Up, Not Out"

"Oh no, Mrs. Burke! I thought you were Dale!"

Late 1970s-1980s: "Great Hot Taste From An Unexpected Place"
1980s: "You Know When You Have Something Good"
Late 1980s: "Helps Keep You Going Strong All Morning Long"

-- Grape-Nuts is one of the only cereals that advertises to men. Typically cereals are shown being eaten by children with their mothers in commercials, but Grape-Nuts, as far as cereals go, is pretty popular with men (and me!).

-- Grape-Nuts can be used in a variety of desserts: sprinkle on ice cream, mix them with granola, or use them in delicious candied apples! Visit the Post website for lots of recipes!

Well, I don't know about you, but I am going to look at my daily bowl of Grape-Nuts a little differently tomorrow morning. :)

Life Magazine ad from 1948. har har!

(Pictures via Vintage123, Flickr, and the Gallery of Graphic Design)


  1. wow...i've never tried them, but i am intrigued.

  2. I would recommend eating them with the fattiest milk you can stand. :) Skim milk makes them taste a little bland, but with 2%- so delicious!

  3. Learn even more about the Grape Nuts commercial with the line, "I thought you were Dale," here: