FreeCreditReport.com Actor Dubbed?

I heard a rumor that the guy who sings the catchy tunes on the FreeCreditReport.com commercials doesn't actually sing the songs. In fact, the rumor goes so far to say that the guy barely even speaks English in real life!

However, the actor himself, Eric Violette, and his website say that he's had all sorts of acting and singing training. Here's who he is really, according to his homepage:
I know you guys think I live in my in-laws basement and drive a sub-compact, but really I'm just an actor/musician who got a lucky break.
But this part of his bio leaves me wondering if the rumor is true:
I was born in 1981 in a small town in Canada. In fact I still live near Montreal. And yes, I speak French but I'm fluent in English too. I attended the National Theatre School of Canada for my training.
One quick internet search later, I found this information from USA Today:
Eric Violette is the lead "singer" in three commercials... Violette and his buddies do songs about how it has affected their lives. Violette, a French Canadian, sings and plays guitar in real life and has a following on the Web. Because he speaks little English, however, he lip-syncs the song in the ad, which is performed by a studio artist. The songs were written by David Muhlenfeld. The "band" in the ads, by The Martin Agency, is a group of actors. The group of commercials, which began airing in October, are part of the third national ad campaign for FreeCreditReport.com, which was launched in 1999 by credit-rating giant Experian.
So there you go! Rumor confirmed (except the part about speaking English, he seems to be bilingual)! Hope I didn't destroy any well-loved illusions of yours!


  1. I know Eric really well and he speaks English fluently. The rumors are simply untrue. Too bad USA Today didn't even bother to interview Eric for that story so how the hell would they know?

  2. Sorry, I didn't mean to imply that he didn't speak English well - I corrected it in the entry. I did listen to his band on myspace and it does sound like he speaks English. I meant to focus more on the rumor about who was singing in the commercials.

    It's true that USA Today should have just said that he has an accent.

    Thanks for your comment!

  3. so is it erics voice in the commercials?