Make Decisions When You Have To Pee!

Okay friends, our time with solely Reader's Digest facts has come to an end for now. But don't fret! I am sure that we'll be learning more from it as the year progresses. I am just going to go back to posting tidbits from all over. It'll be fun, okay?

For the last in my Reader's Digest series, I wanted to include this gem from an article in their June 2012 issue called "4 Wacky Health Tips That Work":

Tip 1: Eat Sugar, Act Sweeter

Tip 2: Smellier Foods Help You Slim Down

Tip 3: Curse To Kill Pain [Faster]

Tip 4: Make Important Decisions When You (Really) Gotta Go
"People with full bladders may be better at making decisions, according to a Dutch study. If you show self-control in terms of a bodily function (such as going to the bathroom), you're more likely to show self-control in decision making, holding out for a long-term reward instead of jumping on an impulse."
So, if you felt discouraged with last week's post about decision fatigue, maybe this will help you know what to do when you're fatigued, but still really need to make the decision!

I'm curious to test the theory. I bet you get different results, though, if you tell the person "you can go to the bathroom as soon as you make this decision." In that case, the impulse may win!


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