Other Uses For Dryer Sheets

Who knew that dryer sheets could be used for so much more than fluffing your towels?  Reader's Digest did, of course!

From their June 2012 issue, you can use dryer sheets to:

"Remove Fur": Rub a sheet over furniture and upholstery to eliminate pet hair

"Perfume the Room": Put a sheet in your vacuum cleaner bag to add a fresh scent while cleaning

"Degunk Pots": Drop a sheet into a dirty pot or pan, fill with hot water, and let soak overnight to help get off grime

"Scent Your Stories": Place a sheet in an old book and place in a ziplock bag for 3 days to remove the musty odor

"Keep The Car Bug-Free": Dip one in water and use to wipe away dead bugs on your windshield and grill

"Discourage Deer": Tie one-inch strips of the sheet on trees or plants to repel deer

If that's not enough, check out these 10 uses for dryer sheets from Real Simple: click here!

Isn't it nice to fix problems with stuff you already have?

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