What Does STAT Stand For?

Actually, it doesn't "stand for" anything. Believe it or not, it's not an acronym!

According to Merriam-Webster.com:

Stat, adverb: without delay : IMMEDIATELY
from stat, an abbreviation for the Latin statim, meaning "at once"

Despite most people capitalizing "stat", which makes it look like an acronym (maybe someone started capitalizing it for emphasis?), it's just a regular old lower-case word.

Tell all your friends STAT! ;)


  1. It has also be said to stand for "sooner than already there"

  2. I thought it stood for Should Take Alot of Time. Rando

  3. Why would it stand for "Show take a lot of time" when "Stat" is usually used in emergency situations?

    And how does "Sooner than already there" make any sense in any way what so ever??
    I mean, how is something somewhere sooner than its there in the first place. That makes no sense at all.
    I mean seriously... Think about what you're saying and what something means before you say it....... *sigh*

  4. Sooner than already there is an exaggeration, like if you someone asks you when you need something and you say last week. Don't take things so literally.

  5. Sooner than average turn-around

  6. why would you start an argument in the comments? gosh.

  7. Do you really have to judge people? Sheesh!

  8. "Sooner Than A Turtle"