What's the Most Common English Word in That Uses All 5 Vowels In A Row?

Sorry for the long delay in posts, friends. Trust me, I have been learning plenty, but learning takes up a lot of my blogging time! Plus, I have been playing a lot of Scrabble (with the old rules - more on that controversy later maybe!) and that takes up time, too. :)

So what do you do with a tray full of vowels when playing Scrabble? That led me to ask the question that is the title of this entry. And the answer is facetious.

More importantly, however, searching for that word led me to the awesome AskOxford: Words webpage. It contains all sorts of frequently asked questions about the English language. I may have read the answers to them all. :)

So, if you've found yourself wondering if "bimonthly" means twice per month or every two months (it unfortunately can mean both) or what's the term for a group of cats (most commonly, it's a "cluster"), then please visit that site!

Hopefully I'll be back with more randomness for you soon!

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