Dreams of Tattoos

I had another strange dream recently, that I got a large tattoo of a rabbit on my stomach. I figure that of all of those elements, dreams of tattoos are probably the most popular, so I looked up the meaning.

Dreams of getting a tattoo can mean that:
1. you wish to stand out or be unique.
2. you want a current situation in your waking life to have long-term effects or to last forever.
3. you have something urgent to deal with that will take time away from loved ones.
4. you are going through significant life changes.

Also, an important aspect to dream interpretation is your emotional feelings about what's happening. In my case, I was pretty excited about the rabbit tattoo. So I am likely excited about whatever the tattoo represented, too.

Of course, as most professionals will tell you, dreams are best interpreted by the dreamer, so remember that these are just some suggestions. :)

(sources: Dream Moods and DreamForth)

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