Soap Bubbles Repel Mosquitoes

Lifehacker Lessons, #4

"Repel Mosquitoes with a Bubble Machine"
(from 5/31/11)

Mosquitoes don't like soap, so bubbles are a perfect way to keep them away. This is a much more fun and interactive method of mosquito-prevention than Citronella or Deet.

From Lifehacker:
According to [the weblog] DIY Life, mosquitoes are repelled by soap solutions (hence their disdain for dryer sheets), and a bit of soap suds will do a good job of shooing them away... Some blogs recommend adding a bit of lemongrass oil to your bubble mixture for more powerful repelling.
For other anti-mosquito tips (and myths), check out DIY's list of prevention methods here.
(note #8: an iPhone app that emits a mosquito-repelling noise??)

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