Why Doesn't Hello Kitty Have A Mouth?

According to sanrio.com (the company who makes Hello Kitty products):

Why doesn't Hello Kitty have a mouth?

Hello Kitty speaks from her heart. She’s Sanrio's ambassador to the world and isn't bound to any particular language.

But according to the host of the late-night QVC show I watched recently, there's an additional reason as well! The host said that Hello Kitty is more relatable to people when she isn't showing a set emotion. Without a mouth, she can appear to be feeling however the person playing with her is feeling.

I can see that. Imagine an emotion and look at Hello Kitty - she could be feeling that way, too.

Clever. :)


  1. What a ghastly sales-speak answer. They'd have been better off just not putting that question up.

    Does language have to do with having a mouth? Cats have mouths! But they have no language!

    And what does speaking from her heart have to do with having no mouth? Is her no-mouth problem compounded by some kind of cardiostomatic disfigurement?

  2. Hello kitty Is My Hero If It Wasnt For Her I Wouldnt Hae STYLE

  3. idk people say she doesnt have a mouth because the person who made hello kitty her daughter had mouth cancer and could not talk so she made it like that and then others say a drunk guy made this and forgot to put a mouth and even some say she is ceated from the devil do not know

  4. Some of my friends say that she doesent have a mouth because the devil scared she really bad and she HAD a mouth but the devil took it off so she cant tell anyone....... some of my other friends say that she DOES have a mouth,you just cant see it because she is WHITE, i mean why would she have black lips and a black mouth??? i dont know exactly why but there are sooo many stories!!