M&M Colors

Hey friends! Sorry for my absence from the interwebs lately. I have been learning a ton; I just haven't had a ton of time! So, back to business!

Recently I was at a baby shower and won a huge jar of Peanut M&M's. As I happily stared at the colorful deliciousness, I recalled a childhood memory. My brother and I used to share bags of M&Ms, picking out one at a time to eat. The color M&M we got was important, because we'd use them to play an imaginary game of baseball! Did anyone else ever do this?

Here is what each color was symbolic of:

dark brown - strike
tan - single
yellow - double
orange - triple
green - home run

We'd each get to keep eating M&M's until we got 3 strikes, then it was the other one's turn. When we reached the end of the bag, the game would be over, and whoever had scored the most "runs" won.

All that to say: the colors are different now! Long gone is the tan (it disappeared in 1995); red has been reintroduced (they were only removed from 1976 to 1987 because of a scare with Red Dye #2); and blue was added (the public voted it in in 1995).

With six colors now, my brother and I will have to come up with another baseball action. Grand slam? Ball? Automatic 3 outs? Stolen base? Double play? Rain delay?

Does the Mars corporation know how changing colors affects us? :)

In case you would like to know more about M&M color changes through time, here's a handy chart via Wikipedia:


  1. Used to play all the time. Love it!!

  2. I still love green ones best to this day because of that little game, even though orange is my favorite color as a 'general' rule.

  3. I still think "home run" every time I eat a green M&M