What Is The Busiest Shopping Day Of The Year?

You think it's Black Friday? Not necessarily so!

I learned recently that, since it varies from year to year, Black Friday sometimes get usurped by the Saturday before Christmas or even Christmas Eve Eve (good to know that I am far from being alone when I procrastinate!).

To illustrate, here are the most recent statistics I could find from icsc.org:

2003's Top Shopping Days:
5. Saturday, Dec 13th
4. Tuesday, Dec 23rd
3. Friday, Dec 26th
2. Saturday, Dec 20th
1. Friday, Nov 28th (Black Friday reigns supreme)

2004's Top Shopping Days:
5. Thursday, Dec 23rd
4. Saturday, Dec 4th
3. Saturday, Dec 11th
2. Friday, Nov 26th (oooh, Black Friday's slips into 2nd place)
1. Saturday, Dec 18th

2005's Top Shopping Days:
5. Saturday, Dec 10th
4. Monday, Dec 26th (the day after Christmas is back!)
3. Saturday, Dec 17th
2. Friday, Dec 23rd
1. Friday, Nov 25th (Black Friday wins again!!)

If you look further into the archives, from 1993 to 2002, Black Friday doesn't make it higher than #4 on the list. Plus, I was surprised to see that the day after Christmas never appears to be #1!

I wonder how the economic crises of the past few years have affected these statistics. I suppose we'll have to wait and see!

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  1. Hmm, I'm guessing what's most popular also depends on how close the Saturday-before-Christmas is to Christmas.

    And, to an extend, weather